Acrylics & Mixed
Sami Salem


I am delighted to welcome you all to my personal website, which contains a sample of pictures of my artworks done over the last couple of years since I discovered the beauty of painting with pastel pencils and soft pastel sticks in London in 1987. As a diplomat by profession, I had the opportunity to live and work in several countries around the world. I do believe that it was an exciting and enriching experience for me to reflect artistically on the local cultures and national figures of those countries. Therefore, I hope that my rich and satisfying experience will provide me with renewed energy and creativity in my colorful passion for many years to come. The symbolic language of art is a global and universal one for all to understand and appreciate regardless of its external manifestation of forms or defined techniques and materials. I would say that it is the energy, effort and inspiration that emanate from the artwork that really matter. Within the portraits of animals and human beings, which categorize my thematic repertoire, I dedicate a lot of attention to details, from minute fines on a face or hands to the layers of patterned markings on a tiger’s fur, from whiskers and eyelashes to lips and locks of hair. Similarly, a focus on the subject’s eyes is in my opinion of utmost importance to correctly look into a living being’s soul. Underlying my heightened sensitivity resides deployment of my chosen medium of colored pastels. In essence, I echo classical tendencies of art related to Realism and Naturalism which concentrates on accurate depiction of life. For me art has increasingly become a way of life, not just a part of my life, or a hobby, a passion rather than part-time pursuit. January 2015

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